Installing, upgrading lighting systems

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Do you want to replace an old lamp, or do you want to upgrade your outdated lighting system and build a new one? We are always at your disposal, give us a call with confidence!

The lighting system in our home contributes greatly to our comfort. With a well-designed and built-in lighting, we feel more cozy in our apartment, but for that it matters what kind of flashbulbs and luminaires we use, also considering power consumption.

Nowadays, LED lighting is installed almost everywhere and we can only encourage anyone who can to replace their old halogen or incandescent bulbs with LEDs. This way they will get long-term, cheap and diverse lighting.

LED lights come in many forms, from traditional shapes to recessed and off-wall panels to LED strips. They can be used in every room of a household and also for mood lighting, which can be perfectly carried out with discreet and modern LED strips.

The role of LEDs in lighting technology is growing, their trade turnover is multiplying year by year, while their application areas are constantly expanding. This has many reasons but the most important one is the versitile and advantageous characteristics of LED lightings.

In the following lists, we will explain in details the benefits that make LED lighting so popular and irreplaceable in our lives today:


LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours or more, which is approx. 50 times that of a 1,000-hour light bulb, 4 times that of a 12,000-hour fluorescent lamp. It can easily be calculated that with such a lifespan, our lighting are secured for up to several decades, which also leads to a reduction in maintenance costs. 

From warm to cold white, the range of color temperatures are quie extensive, nevertheless, the quality of the color hue is excellent. One can even set these according to one’s needs to make the lumination of the room warm, cozy using 2300-3500 K warm yellow lights or cooler using 6-7000 K bluish cold lights with a Dimmer. RGB LED stripes are available in the colors of rainbow with the help of a simple controller panel.

The great advantage of LEDs is that they are insensitive to shocks and other mechanical impacts (they are therefore excellent in cars, for example) and do not contain environmentally harmful gases or other hazardous components, making them much safer to use. The low operating voltage (12 / 24V) is also an advantage.

Thanks to its extremely small size, it can be installed in a place where traditional light bulbs cannot be, and therefore interior designers and lamp designers can let their imagination run much clearer, because size is not an obstacle for LEDs. LED chips are measured in millimeters, a DIP LED can be between 0.8 and 10 millimeters in diameter, and for example, a 3528 LED strip has a chip size of 3.5 × 2.8 millimeters. Of course, one chip is not enough for the right luminous flow, but the flat design is also an advantage that saves a lot of space.

There is a huge selection in the field of controllers, we can find wall-mounted, radio-frequency or infrared signal controllers as well as a button or touch panel version.

The light of the LEDs is controllable, due to their technology they scatter their light in a non-spherical way. However, manufacturers now offer an extremely wide range of beam angles. In contrast to traditional light sources, directional light also saves energy and costs, as it focuses only on the illuminated area, there is no unnecessary light scattering, thus wasted energy.

Traditional light sources typically contain large amounts of severely harmful substances, such as mercury. The collection of these overused light sources and the processing of the resulting pollutants entail high costs. LED, on the other hand, is recyclable and, due to its long lifespan, has extremely low energy consumption, which can reduce CO2 emissions. Not to mention that since we don’t have to bother with replacement for a very long time, this type of waste is

LEDs do not emit in the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) ranges, only in the visible light spectrum, thus in cases where high temperatures or UV radiation can harm the illuminated object (typically in the lighting systems of shop windows, museums, exhibitions). , are of particular importance.

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