Troubleshooting, repairing, others

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Does the power turn off and you can't turn it back on, or do you need a new outlet somewhere? No power in the socket or a lamp does not turn on? Whatever the problem is, we can help you!

Bármilyen villanyszerelési problémával is szembesülne lakásában, legyen az bármilyen kicsi, akár egy kapcsoló vagy dugalj felszerelése hívjon minket bizalommal, a lehető legrövidebb időn belül szakszerűen orvosoljuk a problémáit.

We treat all problems with the same weight, as a loose, overused electrical connection can easily damage your electrical equipment, as well as cause a fire or accident!

Villanyszerelési munkálatainkat Budapesten bármikor igénybe veheti, mi pontosan érkezünk ahol a szakma előírásait figyelembe véve szakszerűen elvégzi a munkát a villanyszerelő szakember. Rövid határidővel, alacsony árral végezzük el a villanyszerelési feladatainkat!

We saw that in many places there are still aluminum cables running in the walls, but in the meantime some sections have been replaced with copper wires in some places and the joints have been improperly executed. In this case, it is only a matter of time before the bond ignites! Furthermore, aluminum cables are highly vulnerable and are not designed for high-power consumption of electricity of today's home, which is another potential source of danger. In combination with an unsuitable circuit breaker, the wire can be overloaded and ignited!

Therefore, anyone who still has aluminum wires in the wall should take extra care when using electrical devices. It is recommended to regularly check the connections and the condition of the wires, bonds, and fuse box.

If you would like to, we will also carry out regular maintenance on the electrical network of your home after the installation.

It is part of our services that we also help with wall / ceiling mounting if needed. We also offer the installation of shelves, cornices, wall brackets. As many people do not know where the wires run in the walls, with a careless drilling they can cause a big damage or expose themselves electric shock. We can measure where electrical cables run with the proper tools for this and securely attach the desired element to the wall.

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