We strive to work at the best possible value for price and to leave You impeccably satisfied with the result.

Whatever your problems might be, we are happy to solve it and we can provide you our bids and offers by phone, email and in person.

Fix végösszeget a legtöbb munkára látatlanban csak nagy bizonytalansággal lehet meghatározni, hiszen egy villanyszerelési árajánlat mindig több tényező függvénye. It depends on the work itself, the capacities of the flat/house and is environment, the quality of the materials used and the types of devices (socket, switches etc.).

An offer is made up by two components: price of material and price of work.Both are defined by many other factors as mentioned above. Moreover, we use a wide range of materials so we might not be able to calculate the exact price beforehand. Hence, we highly suggest making a deal by directly contacting us.

We provide an approximate offer via e-mail or telephone to estimate the expenses but the grand total will be given after assessment during personal consultation.

A kiszállás és árajánlat kérés hétköznaponként BUDAPESTEN INGYENES!

Hétvégén illetve Pest megyében 5000 Ft, ünnepnapokon 15,000 Ft a kiszállás.

Kérjen árajánlatot villanyszerelési munkálatainkra egyszerűen és gyorsan még ma!